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Fire and Rain 2015 After Glow Conversation

          What a powerful demonstration of God's Power and Presence in the Fire and Rain 2015 Conference! I was stunned and even undone in witness to God's extravagant Love poured out on the people and the region of Houston! Houston, God Loves You, and He has remembered you! Anyway, so much filling my heart about what God has demonstrated through the incredible lineup of Local and National Prophets in the Fire and Rain Conference! Let's keep the fire burning! Please register today to participate in the conversation beginning at 9pm Wednesday April 1st. You can go to to register for the event (it's free!) and you are welcome to post your comments all day or even tonight with live interaction! Also you can post comments to our facebook page Bride Song Ministries! Let's see the worship and intercession community unite as well as the Company of Prophets voicing their insight as well! And let's create an atmosphere in Houston for the King of Glory to enter in with His majestic Glory and Presence! Houston will never be the same again! Blessings to all!

See you in Raelynn's Room,

Raelynn Parkin, Bride Song Ministries

Comments Section

I enjoyed the incredible spontaneity of Steve Swanson and his incredible team of prophetic worshippers from our Houston area! I loved the melodic conversations between Don Pope and his sax and flute and Janet Shell and her Heavenly violin! Such an ambiance was created and infused with excellent musicianship from Steve Swanson! The prophetic word was clearly pronounced, "time for an upgrade!" I loved he dancers and their demonstration of the prophetic worship!
After Glow Conversations begins in a few minutes! Excited to see the Church united in purpose and in worship to see Revival come to Houston! Many tears have been sown for the harvest, I believe we shall reap in great joy! What are your insights and your perspectives from the Fire and Rain conference? How were you impacted and what did you receive from the conference?

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