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The Burn After Glow Conversation

           One of the most important aspects of any crusade, movement of God, or revival for a city or a region is the element of intense worship and prayer. The purpose of this conversation is to continue in this initial burst of worship and intercession for he continuing harvest of the city and region of Houston. Please join us in this conversation as we share our perspective of what was poured forth in all of the worship and prayer sessions of the Burn from the many worshippers and prayer warriors who participated. Collectively what was God saying through the many mouthpieces and what was God doing in each of your experiences in the Burn? Let's keep the candle burning in the city of Houston, blowing on the embers, and stoking the flames of revival that will become a wildfire of His Presence and power that will engulf our Region in the Kingdom on earth here in Houston! And let's see the worship and intercession community unite with one common see Houston Saved! Raelynn

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Excited to see the community of worship and intercession unite to see Revival Fires ignited in the city of Houston! Thank you to my fellow worshippers and intercessors who have sowed into the Harvest in the region! Raelynn

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