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"Out of the Secret Place"

Come and Drink of My Worship (Out of the Secret Place)

Raelynn Parkin
Raelynn Parkin


This song comes from my deep personal worship about 2002. As I reflected about the alabaster jar, I realized I was the broken one and the worship that was spilling out from me was my adoring offering unto him.  As painful and difficult as it felt at times, my comfort came that he was pleased in receiving it because He knew the cost and the price I had paid to give it to Him. And it was worthy. And I was accepted by Him.


Raelynn Parkin: Out of the Secret Place



Come and Drink of My Worship

Out of the Secret Place

Written by Raelynn Parkin
Copyright (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved.


Come and drink of my worship

Come and taste my adoration

Come and sip of my love for you

For I am poured out like water before you.

Broken and spilled out before you

*A fragrant offering unto you, (last time)