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"Out of the Secret Place"

I Will Trust You (Out of the Secret Place)

Raelynn Parkin
Raelynn Parkin


I wrote this song in 2003 through very difficult times emotionally, when my world seemed to be closing in and my dreams were dashed.  Even in the midst of that place this song came forth as worship even when I did not understand the things that were happening around me.  Sometimes you just have to hold onto the hand that Holds you and trust the Love that you have known and the Goodness of your Lord.


Raelynn Parkin: Out of the Secret Place



I Will Trust You

Out of the Secret Place

Written by Raelynn Parkin
Copyright (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved.



I will trust you when I am afraid

And I will behold you when darkness blinds my way

Jesus, I worship you,

Jesus I worship You.

I will trust you when I've lost my way

And I will seek you in the stillness of this place

Jesus I worship you,

Jesus I worship you.



Jesus, Jesus

Redeemer, Precious Lord,

Jesus, My Jesus

No one could take your place,

For you have shown me your Glory and Grace.