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The Lord's Bridal Company Vol. 2

The Final Breath Interlude - Live Version

Raelynn Parkin
Raelynn Parkin


A spontaneous interlude where the beautiful instruments come together in a final breath, actually performed before the live performance. (The final breath before the Plunge!)

Raelynn Parkin: The Lord



Instrumental with sounds of piano, cello, penny whistle, trumpet, alto sax, strings, and percussion performed live with the members of the Lord's Bridal Company. Members: Don Pope, Talitha Taft, Joel White, Stuart Legge, Guy Ben Murphrey, Robert Steele, Max Dyer, and Worship leader Raelynn Parkin of Bride Song Ministries, along with family members, Shara De Leon, Michael Parkin, and Zachary Parkin.