This song comes from a deep and broken place as I surveyed the broken pieces of my life in 2003.  This song echoes the song of David whom cried in the arms of the Lord many times.   This song wells up from a heart of David that just wants to worship the Lord in spite of all circumstances.



Take the Broken Parts
Out of the Secret Place
Written by Raelynn Parkin Copyright (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Verse 1:
Lord, take the broken parts
the remnants of my broken heart
Lord I give a fragrant offering
Let it be pleasing unto you.
Verse 2:
Lord, turn not your eyes from me
Hear my cries, remember me
I lay my life down at your feet
I cling to your tender mercy.
Verse 3:
Lord take every part
Bring me Jesus to where you are
With silver strands, redeem my heart.
Bring Glory to Your Name.