From the recording Not Him (Resurrection)

Not Him is a personal narrative by a worshipper who loved Jesus, watching the Savior as he journeyed to the cross. The death, burial and resurrection are displayed through this entire song.  Very powerful and very moving.  It was written exactly one year before the Passion of the Christ hit the theaters, and when it was written, Raelynn was writing this song in the theater while waiting for another movie.



Not Him
Written by Raelynn ParkinCopyright (c) 2003 All Rights Reserved.  
Verse 1:       
The road was paved with good intentions
The crowd was unified that day
The sky grew dark and threatened rain
Some said a storm would come this way.
Then down a winding path, I saw
Two splintered logs that made a cross.
And one man I couldn’t even see his eyes
Thru blood, sweat, and tears, he faintly cried.
Chorus 1:    
(I said,) Not Him, I saw him feed five thousand
Not Him, He made blind eyes see,
Not Him, He loved the unlovely
Not Him, He touched my life and I will never be the same.
Verse 2:     
They lifted Him up for all men to see
The anguish and pain transformed his face.
They mocked Him, and cast lots for His clothes,
They were insane.
The man who gave hope, was dying there alone in utter shame.
I heard Him cry, “Father, forgive them,”
And with His last breath, He hung his head, and died.
Chorus 2:  
(I cried), Not Him, I saw Him walk upon the water.
Not Him, He set a captive man free.
Not Him, He healed the lepers, and raised the dead.
Not Him, He touched my life and I will never be the same.
Chorus 3:      
It’s Him, they said they saw Him alive      
It’s Him, He rose again like He said He would.
It’s Him, He paid my price I could not pay.
It’s Him, He gave me life, and I will never be the same.